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We’re Looking to Grow Our Team.

But we don’t want just anyone. We provide tools, support, and platform to help you close business & grow your career. We're looking for new energetic people with a us who want to work in open and transparent work culture. At the same time, experience is important and we’ll compensate you well for it, but there is no substitute for ambition and dedication.

Expedited Career Growth For Ambitions

We're one of the fastest growing private companies in the nation. And people love working for us! If you're sick of the stressful, dead-end work at the bigger platform or you want to be compensated fairly for the revenue you bring in then you will love CreditJunction. Not only do we help you take your loan business to the next level we are expanding rapidly and have a variety of other positions to ascend in to. This isn't a dead-end. This is just the beginning!

Freedom to Work In the Office or At Home

Times are changing and we all know it. You don't have to be confined to an office or a cubicle to provide high quality, consistent work. If you are an experienced, autonomous guy you can probably work just as good at home as you do in the office. So we're not going to require you to come in to one. If you want to work from home you can. If you want to host a client in the office feel free to use it at your disposal. The freedom is yours!

Higher Pay scale

We know how it works. You work and work for so long and then when it times to get paid you wonder, "how did I bring in that much revenue and only get this much in my check?". At Credit Junction, we believe the more business you generate means the less marketing we have to pay for. And we're more than willing to pass that savings along to you!